CS: GO Operation Hydra Event Brings New Maps & Modes

Operation Hydra is a seasonal event in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. It has already started, and will run for 18 weeks. It adds several new modes to the game, as well as a handful of community maps. Of course, there are also season-specific cases to gather and unlock, as well as an all-access pass you can buy to get some additional goodies.

cs go operation hydra event

The game modes are divided into three categories called events. Each event will run for a week, before the rotation pushes it back to the bottom of the pile. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Wingman: Quick 2v2 matches, consisting of 16 rounds.
  • Weapon expert: A 5v5 mode played across 30 rouns, where you can only buy each weapon once. Communication with teammates seems likely to be the key to success here.
  • War games: A set of quirky modes that rotate after each round.
    • Heavy assault suit: Regular matches, except there’s a suit of heavy armor available for purchase.
    • Headshots only: Deathmatch where only headshots do damage.
    • Hunters-gatherers: Players drop dogtags on death. Your goal is to collect the most – both from enemies, and your own fallen comrades.
    • Stab stab zap: In this one, you’ll be armed only with a knife and a special stun gun.
    • The flying scoutsman: You’re armed with a sniper rifle and a knife, and the gravity is turned down.
    • Trigger discipline: You take damage when you miss.

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As for the maps, the event will add seven of them – three new and four returning ones. Here’s a list:

  • Austria: A bomb defusal map set in a snow-covered mountain village.
  • Lite: A bomb defusal map set in an oil refinery.
  • Shipped: A bomb defusal map set on a ship stacked with containers.
  • Thrill: Another bomb defusal map, set in an amusement park.
  • Agency: A hostage rescue map that takes place in a modern office building.
  • Black Gold: A bomb defusal map set on an off-shore oil rig.
  • Insertion: A hostage rescue map set in and around a cottage in a rural area.

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