Gwent Public Beta Twitch Live Stream Details

The Gwent Open Beta is launching very soon, beginning a new chapter in the game’s life. To celebrate, the developers from CD Projekt Red are hosting a live stream on their official Twitch channel. During the live stream, they’ll be answering questions from fans, and various YouTubers and streamers will join in.

Gwent Public Beta Twitch Live Stream Details
Gwent Public Beta Twitch Live Stream Details

The Gwent Closed Beta has come to an end a few days ago, when the servers went down in preparation for the next stage. It’s finally time to enter the Open Beta phase. All Closed Beta participants will get rewards in forms of kegs and other items. On top of that, they’ll also get The Witcher 2 for free, as another thank-you from CD Projekt Red.

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To mark the start of the Public Beta and familiarize players with the new workings of the game, the developers will have a live stream on the CD Projekt Red Twitch. The stream starts at 9 P.M. CEST on May 24th. That’s 12 P.M. PDT or 3 P.M. EDT. During the event, the developers will communicate with the community and answer some fan questions. They’re also bringing in Gwent YouTubers and streamers, who will presumably play a few matches and demonstrate all the new features and other stuff from the Public Beta.

Among other things, perhaps the most major new addition is the new Meteorite Powder currency. Basically, it’s a new feature that allows players to craft their own premium cards. For those new to Gwent, premiums are flashy, animated versions of existing cards. They were fairly few and far between in the Closed Beta, and the developers want to give everyone an equal chance to acquire them.

Are you as excited as we are about the launch of the Gwent Public Beta as we are? Share your thoughts about that and your experiences with the Closed Beta with us in the comments!

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