Darkest Dungeon Butcher's Circus Free PvP DLC Released on Steam

Announced at the beginning of May, the Butcher’s Circus DLC for Darkest Dungeon is now available for free on Steam to all that own the game. The content is completely separate from the main campaign, bringing a whole new, PvP component. In the Butcher’s Circus, you put together a team of characters and battle other players to climb the ranks. No harm will come to your Campaign characters.

Darkest Dungeon Butcher's Circus Free PvP DLC Released on Steam
Darkest Dungeon Butcher’s Circus Free PvP DLC Released on Steam

So, you’ve managed to become really good at Darkest Dungeon. But, how well do you truly stack up against other players across the world? If you’re brave enough, enter the tent of the Butcher’s Circus, and put your skills to the test. Put together your team of four heroes and duke it out. Don’t worry, nothing will happen with your Campaign heroes. Below, you’ll find a list of key features, as detailed on the Butcher’s Circus Steam page.

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  • New Hamlet Location: The Butcher’s Circus
  • Engage in no-holds-barred PvP combat with teams of 4 heroes (without risking your Campaign heroes)
  • Climb the ranks to show off your command of heroes and ability to weather misfortune and violence
  • Unlock banner components and use your creativity to assemble your own duelist heraldry
  • Strategize with new gladiatorial trinkets that can mean all the difference in pitched battles against other heroes
  • A gleefully warped musical theme by Stuart Chatwood, Narrator quips by the esteemed Wayne June, and all new gripping sound FX by Power Up Audio

Now, with all of the said, it bears mentioning that the Steam reviews of Butcher’s Circus aren’t that great at the time of writing. It’s sitting at Mixed with almost 240 reviews. From what I can tell, there are some pretty bad bugs that are really weighing down what is, in its essence, a good concept. I’m sure the developers will deploy hotfixes as soon as they can, and again, it’s free, and completely optional. You can’t really complain that much.

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