Darkest Dungeon Flagellant Class Revealed in Crimson Court Trailer

There’s a new Darkest Dungeon video out there in the wild, and it focuses on the new adventurer from the Crimson Court DLC. He’s called the Flagellant, and, as the name suggests, he’s kinda into self-harm. The video shows off different skills he can employ to help your party survive in the halls of madness, overlaid with voice lines from That Terrible Man.

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darkest dungeon flagellant class
Darkest Dungeon Flagellant class

So, what does the Flagellant does, apart from flagellating himself? From the skills we’ve seen in the trailer, he seems like a front-line healer with a heavy damage output. He revels in pain, and often gives his own blood to benefit others. As the Terrible Man says, “there is power in the blood”.

He can sacrifice his sanity to increase another’s, cause bleeding to himself in order to heal a teammate, take over others’ debuffs, drain life from enemies to heal himself, and more. There’s an interesting risk/reward dynamic to get comfortable with here. As comfortable as one can get while playing this game, of course. Finally, he get a lot of bonuses for being at death’s door, including 20% more damage done, 5 accuracy, 2 speed, and 20% resistance to bleed, stun, blight and debuff. Keeping him one foot in the grave all the time could pay off immensely. The developers have compared him to the Abomination, which only makes him more exciting, for us at least.

He’s going to be added to the game with the Crimson Court DLC, which is set to launch on June 19th. We still don’t know how much it’s going to cost, but it will add a new area (The Courtyard), the Flagellant, a new type of enemies, four new local bosses, a new wandering boss and much more. It sounds like a pretty hefty add-on, so don’t expect it to come cheap.

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