Darksiders remaster finally coming to Wii U

It has been a long ride for the Darksiders “warmastered” edition, but it would appear to be finally arriving to the previous Nintendo console. The ageing Wii U will still get to see its version of this THQ game. Who knows, perhaps it will be another boost to its sales, like Zelda has recently been.

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humble bundle thq
THQ’s Humble Bundle – let it be the first among many for Playstation games.

The Wii U version launch date is May 23, 2017, which is some six months after its launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Nintendo version was thought cancelled until the publisher actually talked about it in a press note, stating that despite the rumors “Wii U version is on its way and by no means cancelled”. Which is always nice to hear.

Wii U recently gained some popularity back with the release of Zelda, but its swan song has been sung. Even third-party releases cannot save it from being slowly forgotten. Which is what Nintendo seemed to have wanted to do ever since it came out.

THQ Nordic has recently had a first – a Humble Bundle sale for its PS4 and PS3 titles. Of course, the best known titles on offer have been its Darksiders ones. The series has not been lucky, although praised by many, to become a huge success. Or better to say, to sell well enough to keep the original THQ’s head above water. THQ Nordic bought the original THQ’s IPs and even organized most of the same team who worked on the Darksiders games. Some information regarding the future titles in the same franchise has been teased. Presumably, this was not one of them, as it has probably been in the works for some time.

Obviously Breath of the Wild was not Wii U’s last game, as we are still seeing some of the third party companies releasing titles for it. Nintendo is fully committed to supporting Switch at the moment, as it is selling like hot cakes.