Darkwood Released, Launch Trailer Shows Top Down Horror

After decades in early access, Darkwood is finally being released for real. The top down survival horror game is now finished, and you can buy it from Steam for $15. Many people seem to have been following it closely, waiting for it to cross the finishing line before jumping in. If you’re one of them – avoid the trailer, as it feels a bit spoilerish. If you don’t know about the game, then the new video is going to give you a crash course.

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darkwood launch trailer
Darkwood Launch Trailer

Darkwood puts you in the shoes of a person exploring the titular location. Your days will be spent scavenging, exploring and talking to NPCs. Except the map will constantly change, and the NPCs are actually wolfmen and such. Your nights will be spent covering in corners, waiting for the sun to come out again. That is, if you’re lucky enough to find shelter. It’s a tense game that’ll keep you on edge all the time – even when nothing is actively chasing you, there’s always the feeling that nothing’s right. Everything’s off.

It’s been in development for four years, much of which was spent in early access. The devs got a bunch of feedback, and they feel it helped make the game better:

Early Access has helped this project tremendously, and even though we have stayed in development for way longer than we anticipated, thanks to your feedback Darkwood has grown in scope and complexity in ways we have never imagined possible.

Darkwood is PC only at the moment, and there seem to be no plans for a console version. It can be played with a gamepad, though. If you’re interested in it, there’s a 10% launch discount on Steam, that’s going to apply until August 24th. And no, there’s no adult diaper edition, however convenient it may be.

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