Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Pre-Order Comes With Adult Diapers

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is right around the corner. Pre-orders are up for grabs everywhere and, depending on which edition you select, you can score different bonus content. However, Belgian retailer Game Mania included a pre-order bonus of their own – adult diapers. Clever joke, or a step further towards 4D gaming? You decide.

Resident Evil VII Pre-Order Comes With Adult Diapers In Belgium And Netherlands
Resident Evil VII Pre-Order Comes With Adult Diapers In Belgium And Netherlands

If you head on to Game Mania’s Resident Evil VII page, nothing seems out of the ordinary at first. You can select your gaming platform of choice, see the price tag of €49.98, read some short info on the game (I assume, since I speak Dutch about as well as I speak Wookiee).

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And then you scroll down to the pre-order bonus section. You get the standard Recovery Set and Madhouse Mode, which we’ve covered before in our Resident Evil 7 Complete Pre-Order Bonuses & Editions list. Scroll a little further down and… adult diapers. Yup. The people at Game Mania are so certain that RE VII will scare the crap out of you, that they kindly included a little help.

Sure, you can pay a ton of money to get a model of the mansion and a USB stick in the deluxe edition, but what will you do when you soil yourself while playing? You can’t contain the crisis with a lithograph of the Baker family, that will only get you so far! And, keeping in mind the usual gaming diet, this gift can come in handy in more than one situation. And that’s not even scratching the surface of the possibilities. This could well be our first step into 4D gaming. Forget about VR, this is something that gets you something actually tactile to hold on to while you play!

I love this type of silly marketing. I wish I knew how many times this has been pre-ordered. Hopefully, they’ll port RE VII to the Switch, so that we can play on the toilet without the looming danger of self-soiling. Huge thank-you to Redditor deltios for uncovering this gem.

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