Dawn of War 3 Annihilation Update Launches June 20th

Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of War 3 is getting a huge update on June 20th. The Annihilation update will bring Annihilation Modes, new doctrines (aka buildable turrets), a new map called Mortis Vale, and the free Engines of Annihilation elite skin pack.

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Dawn of War 3 Annihilation Update Launches June 20th
Dawn of War 3 Annihilation Update Launches June 20th

Warhammer 40K enthusiasts that are playing Dawn of War 3 have quite the treat coming their way on June 20th. The developers are planning to launch a big update, known as Annihilation, which will introduce a bunch of new content. This includes new modes (which seasoned Dawn of War players will feel right at home with), skins, doctrines, and a new map. Here’s what you can expect from the update.

  • Annihilation Modes
    Annihilation Classic hails back from Dawn of War I. The goal is to destroy all the opponents core structures. The road to victory can be long and arduous, so the update will include new doctrines that will allow you to build faction-specific defense turrets. Annihilation with Defense mode will start you off with several turrets already built. You’ll be available custom 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 matches in both modes.
  • New Doctrines -Buildable Turrets
    All the faction-specific turrets will be unlocked from the get-go; you won’t have to spend Skulls on them. They’ll be available across all multiplayer modes, giving you a bunch of new defensive strategies. However, you won’t have them in campaign mode, at least not yet. You might in the future, though.
  • New Map – Mortis Vale
    A brand new map for you to conquer and scorch. All previously existing maps will be retrofitted to allow Annihilation matches, as well.
  • Engines of Annihilation Free Elite Skin Pack
    To treat their players, the devs are including a free skin pack in the update. Here are their names and descriptions:
    • House Raven – Imperial Knight Paladin: Close allies of the Techpriests of Mars, the Imperial Knights of House Raven stand against the enemies of Man, bringing devastation to challengers.
    • Exalted – Ranged Wraithknight: Shining in specially designed wraithbone, the Exalted Wraithknight is a glorious agent of the Craftworld.
    • Deathskulls – Gorkanaut: Deathskulls are the premier looters and scavengers among the Orks. This Gorkanaut is the ultimate junkyard manifestation of their love for destruction.

You can check out the new skins in action in the video below.

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