Darkest Dungeon Crimson Court DLC Out Now, Launch Trailer Released

Crimson Court, the first proper expansion for Darkest Dungeon, is out today. It’s going to vampire the game up, adding a new area full of bloodsucking bon vivants, a new hero, a bunch of bosses and more. And, of course, more Wayne June, which is half the reason people play the game in the first place. There’s a launch trailer to celebrate the occasion, and it does a good job of presenting all the new stuff.

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darkest dungeon crimson court out now
Crimson Court DLC

The DLC adds the Courtyard area to the game, and the accompanying story snippets will explore the Ancestor’s youth, which seem to include a lot of debauchery. Vampirism is the central theme of the new zone, and the enemies are fitting – courtiers with fluffy white wigs crossed with various insects, giant mosquitoes, crocupines and such. The new hero you can now hire is called The Flagellant, and we’ve already written about him in some detail.

There’s also a new affliction, called the Crimson Curse, which seems to cause Craving and Blood Lust. Both look useful, but you’ll need to drink blood, which has been added as another inventory item.

The launch trailer is the first time we’ve seen some of the districts – new buildings that will give your hamlet permanent bonuses:

  • Bank – provides 5% interest on saved money each week
  • Cartographer’s camp – increases torchlight bonuses
  • Granary – gives free food on a weekly basis
  • Puppet theatre – increases stress relief in town by 10
  • Sanguine vintners – gives two vials of blood per week

There’s also a new wandering boss, akin to the Collector, trinket sets with bonuses for completing them, and more. It’s a hefty update. Crimson Court is out now on PC. The Playstation 4 and PS Vita versions still don’t have a release date, but seeing how the trailer sports PS logos, they’re probably coming soon enough.

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