Dead Cells Bad Seed DLC Coming Out On February 11th

Dead Cells, the gorgeous dungeon crawler about a handful of gunk possessing a succession of headless corpses, is getting its first paid DLC. After a series of chunky, hefty free updates, Motion Twin have finally decided to make a proper expansion. It’s called Bad Seed, and it’s going to be released on February 11th. It’s coming to all the usual places, and the price is set to a meager $5.

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dead cells bad seed dlc release date
Dead Cells Bad Seed DLC Coming Out On February 11th

As you can tell from the name, it’s all about leafy greens gone berserk. It’s going to add two new early game areas. The Arboretum is a greenhouse filled with malevolent mushrooms and carnivorous plants, and it’s an alternative to the Courtyard/Toxic Sewer. After you’ve dealt with the furious fungi, you might end up in the Swamp, which is a… well, swamp. Tree dwelling mutants, clouds of poison, frogmen with darts, leeches and big, disconcerting eyeballs staring you down – not so different from your regular marshland. This one’s an alternative to the Rampart/Ossuary/Ancient Sewers. The boss waiting at the end should be on par with the Concierge, and the devs feel it’s something you’re going to “bash your head against, at least until you’re steamrolling it to death in 3 seconds flat and back to demanding more content.” They know their audience, can’t fault them for that.

Some people are a bit surprised by the fact the new DLC is going to have a price tag, but it was only a matter of time. You can only release so many free updates before your stomach begins to growl. The expected influx of cash should also allow Motion Twin to keep developing the two prototypes they have in the oven, and continue tinkering under Dead Cells’ hood for the next couple of years.

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