Can You Get Crystal Skates Back in Temtem?

Crystal skates are one of the tools in Temtem. They’re used to move along the red crystal paths, and you’ll get them through the main story, on the second island. They’ll open up a bunch of previously locked places, so you’ll want to make use of them. When you leave the second island, the skates will disappear. Since they’re so useful, a lot of players have been wondering how to get crystal skates back in Temtem, and if it’s possible to do at all.

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can you get back crystal skates temtem
Can You Get Crystal Skates Back in Temtem?

How to get back crystal skates?

At this point, you can’t. Once you leave for the third island, you’ll lose the skates for good. However, since Temtem is still in early access, the developers might decide to change this. It definitely feels like a mistake – why would they take an essential traversal tool away from you?

There are several important places you’ll be locked out of if you go to the third island before you’ve finished everything on the first two. The first is the volcano, which is a great spot for farming fire Temtem. The second is the hidden cove in which the four-leaf clover is hidden. This item increases your catch rate, which makes it indispensable.

Thankfully, there is a way to get the clover without the crystal skates – two of them, in fact. One involves exploiting a glitch, the other exploiting a random, well-meaning member of the community. The former might end up getting fixed, but the latter will probably work forever. Or at least until the devs see reason and give us back our skates. You’ll just need to head on over to the official Discord sever, or a forum of some kind, and look for someone willing to help you out. There’s a lot of nice folk around, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

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