Dead Cells Joins GOG's Games in Development, Gets Huge Update

There’s a new game in the Games in Development library. The game in question is the RougeVania from Motion Twin, called Dead Cells. The game also got a huge new patch, called Brutal Update. This adds a lot of new content, like enemies, levels, and a new boss, as well as gameplay and balance improvements.

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Dead Cells Joins GOG's Games in Development, Gets Huge Update
Dead Cells Joins GOG’s Games in Development, Gets Huge Update

Dead Cells, a RougeVania game by the studio Motion Twin, is a new member of the Games in Development program from So, now you’ll be able to get it on that platform, as well as in Steam’s Early Access. If you’re unfamiliar with Dead Cells, here’s a quick rundown. The game is, as the devs describe it, a rogue-lite, metroidvania action-platformer. In other words, you explore your surroundings much like you would in a classic Metroidvania. The added catch is that this is also a rouge-lite game, meaning that there are no checkpoints. When you die, you go back all the way. This is spiced up by permanent unlocks you can get. Additionally, the game features souls-lite combat in 2-D. Like in Souls games, death is an integral part of progressing, and that sweet feeling of accomplishment you get after finally beating that one section.

Along with this announcement comes a new, huge update, called The Brutal Update. As with any good early access game, the update brings a whole tonne of new content, as well as balance tweaks and other improvements. The Brutal Update includes a new tier system, new levels, enemies, and even a brand-new boss for you to fight. For more info, you can read our Dead Cells Impressions – the Brutal Update article. On top of the update, you can get the game at a 25% discount on The offer is good until Monday, November 20th. So, if a challenging RougeVania is something you like, Dead Cells might be right up your alley.

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