Dead by Daylight Spark of Madness DLC Introduces New Killer

There’s a new DLC for Dead by Deadlight is out. Named Spark of Madness, it introduces a new killer called The Doctor, a new survivor called Feng Min, and a new map called Léry’s Memorial Institute. There’s even a short cinematic trailer out, highlighting all the new content. The Spark of Madness DLC is available now on Steam for $6.99.

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Dead by Daylight Spark of Madness DLC Introduces New Killer
Dead by Daylight Spark of Madness DLC Introduces New Killer

Dead by Daylight players have a new DLC to add to the game. Spark of Madness, as it’s called, adds a new killer, survivor and map, and it costs $6.99 on Steam. We’re going to list the particulars of the new content below.

The new killer is called The Doctor. He’s a deranged doctor that tortured CIA prisoners in an attempt to achieve mind control. After the horrors he committed were discovered, the project was shut down and redacted, so the public would never find out. Below are his Killer Perks.

  • Monitor & Abuse
    Meticulous in your approach, terrifying in your application. While in a chase, your terror radius is increased. Otherwise, your terror radius is decreased and your field of view is increased.
  • Overwhelming Presence
    Your presence alone instills great fear. Survivors within your terror radius suffer from inefficiency. Survivors’ item consumption rates are increased.
  • Overcharge
    You are fuelled by your hate for progress. Overcharge a generator by performing the Break Generator action. The next survivor interacting with that generator is faced with a difficult Skill-check. Failing the Skill-check results in an additional generator regression. Succeeding the Skill-check grants no progress but prevents the generator explosion.

The name of the survivor is Feng Min. She is a pro gamer, and she uses her skills to survive. She’s very alert, knows how to handle machinery, and she can sprint after vaulting over an obstacle. You know, as most gamers can. Here are her Survivor Perks.

  • Alert
    Your acute senses are on high alert. When the Killer performs the break action within range, he is revealed to you.
  • Lithe
    After performing a vault, break into a sprint. Activates in chases only. Causes Exhaustion. Lithe cannot be used while Exhausted.
  • Technician
    You are apt at handling machinery with the greatest care and precision. The noises caused by your repairs and their hearing distance are reduced. On a failed repair Skill-check, there is a chance the generator explosion will be prevented.

On top of the two new characters, the DLC also adds a new map to the mix – Léry’s Memorial Institute. This is the very hospital in which The Doctor performed his sadistic experiments. Nothing better than an abandoned hospital of death to complete the Cheesy Horror Trope bingo!

You can take a look at the cinematic trailer for the Spark of Madness DLC below.

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