Potential Spyro remaster after Crash Bandicoot?

Remember Spyro? The cute dragon was once a full-fledged mascot of Playstation’s, almost rivaling Crash Bandicoot. As the years went by, the young fire-breather (and ice-breather, and other elements-breather, ok, you don’t have to nitpick) did not do so well, going through various iterations that never seemed to catch the original trilogy’s magic anymore. Rumor has it that it might be time for a remaster.

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crash bandicoot trilogy
Crash is almost ready to lauch, on June 30.

Of course, the fact that Spyro appeared alongside the various characters in Skylanders is not helping to put out the rumors either. N.Sane Trilogy is well on its way, and it will probably do well – maybe well enough to warrant another remaster? After all, if we look at the picture itself, it contains more than one remastered character. Well, you could say one remastered (Crash), one rebooted (Kratos) and one…changed for another character that does the same thing and is a rabbit (Parappa)?

When looking at Crash, it was announced at E3 2016 and it is arriving almost to the year after the announcement. The game has been rebuilt completely, while keeping the old levels’ geometry, as the developer, Vicarious Visions, wanted to be faithful the the original as much as possible. Of course, they also wanted to improve what could be improved with modern technology. Things like a unified checkpoint and save system, joint menu, and 4k resolution are probably the most important things on the list of improvements, alongside the graphics themselves.

Neogaf is already beating itself silly over the leaked image and things can go either way – for both the nay- and the yay-sayers. It would, however, be really nice to see more games from PS1 era revived, especially those that failed to make a successful generational move to PS2, for example. MediEvil anyone?