Deathloop Second Official Gameplay Trailer Unveiled

Arkane Studios have cooked up a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming action-adventure shooter, Deathloop. They showed it as a part of Sony’s recent PlayStation 5 event. The video perfectly lays out the premise of Deathloop and shows the gameplay in all its fast-paced glory. It really seems like this one is gonna be a blast.

deathloop second official gameplay trailer unveiled
Deathloop Second Official Gameplay Trailer Unveiled

Out of all the games that Sony showed off during the PS5 showcase, I must admit, Deathloop was the one that caught my attention the most. The first thing that bought me was the art style. It’s the usual Arkane character and world design, but with the addition of the late sixties / early seventies vibe, it gets elevated to a new level. Moreover, the designs of the gangs we see in the trailer are fun and, most importantly, instantly recognizable. I love it.

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Then the gameplay really kicks in, and it’s got me hook, line and sinker. See, the basic idea is, there are eight Visionaries that are causing a one-day time loop. They’re using it to party like animals, because there’s literally no tomorrow. Your job is to dispatch them all to break the loop, but you only have one day to do it. So, on top of mowing down their henchmen, you also have to manipulate events to bring the Visionaries together and defeat them before the loop repeats.

To make things even spicier, there’s also an agent tasked to preserve the loop hunting you. There’s also a multiplayer feature, where another player basically invades your game randomly by taking on the role of the agent. I absolutely adore everything that I just typed out. This game cannot come out soon enough.

Speaking of, it’ll still be a while until we get to play Deathloop. According to the player, it’s launching some time between April and June of 2021. Even then, it’s going to be a timed exclusive on the PlayStation 5. It is eventually going to come out on PC, too, but we don’t know exactly when. In the meantime, you can check out the gameplay trailer below.

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