Deus Ex, Lara Croft & Hitman GO Free on Amazon Underground

Square Enix have released all three of their GO mobile games on Amazon Underground for free. They’re really, actually free, not just free-to-play-but-you’ll-have-to-spend-cash. The deal includes Deus Ex GO, Hitman GO and Lara Croft GO. It’s probably going to be a limited time offer, so if you’ve any interest at all, you should grab them as soon as possible.

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deus ex lara croft hitman go free
Square Enix GO games free on Amazon

Keep in mind, this only applies to users with Android devices, since Apple doesn’t allow external downloads. You’ll also have to use the Amazon Underground app – there’s no way to download them directly from the site. All three are turn based puzzle games, with moving restricted to nodes. Each one has a specific feel to it, tailored around the series it represents. They’re all quite good, according to critics and players alike. If you’re looking for something to play on your daily commute, this could be just the thing.

Deus Ex GO takes pride in its story, and features 50 or so puzzles. Hacking and augmentations play a big role – you’ll get to hack turrets, put guards to sleep, fight all kinds of enemies and solve logic puzzles along the way.

Lara Croft GO is based on the Tomb Raider series, and it’s fairly large. Expect more than 100 puzzles, much of which will invlove avoiding deadly traps and figuring out ancient locking mechanisms. It also offers the chance to get various outfits for Lara by collecting relics.

Finally, Hitman GO sees you moving a scale model figure of Agent 47 around a board, dealing with guards and civilians until you reach your target and eliminate them. It looks like a well made board game, but what really sets it apart is that you can take different approaches to levels, being either stealthy or not-so-stealthy.

The promotion also mentions free in-app purchases, but we’re not sure what that looks like. In any case, the games themselves are free, and that’s good enough for starters.

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