For Honor Closed Beta is coming on January 26

For Honor Closed Beta is coming on January 26, confirmed by Ubisoft. It will last four days, ending on January 29. For Honor will be available on Valentine’s Day, February 14, but you can test it beforehand and see if you like it enough to buy it. That is, if you are lucky enough to get into the closed beta. The game is coming out on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC.

If you haven’t already, head to the official For Honor page. This is where you can sign up for the closed beta.

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The accent of this closed beta is on the War of the Factions. Before you complete the sign-up for the beta, you’ll have to choose between Vikings, Knights and Samurai. If you somehow missed this part and got access to the beta, you can do it from the game’s main menu as well.

Choosing a side, you make all your victories count towards the chosen Faction’s global score. This doesn’t mean that you can only play one faction. You can still play all other faction heroes, but the victories will count toward the one you had chosen before. You can find out more about this on this Ubisoft For Honor page.

You can keep track of the Faction War’s winning team on the World Map found in-game. The World Map is divided into three different Faction-controlled territories. The faction that controls the most territories will win at the end of the beta.

Once you win a multiplayer match, you’ll be given an amount of War Assets. You can then distribute them towards the single contested territory or equally on all contested ones. The game doesn’t force this mechanic, as there is an automatic distribution system, where the assets are automatically allocated.

For Honor the Emblems of Old
The Emblems of Old Look

Everyone who plays in the Beta will be rewarded with exclusive in-game loot. The most important one is The Emblems of Old. You can transfer these Emblems from the beta to the full game once it is out.

The most important feature not specifically mentioned in the official release are the three new heroes – Warlord, Shugoki and Peacekeeper. These three new heroes are something that people who played the alpha in September 2016, didn’t get to try out.

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