Deus Ex Overhaul Mod GMDX Brings New Life to Old Classic

GMDX is an incredibly ambitious mod for the original Deus Ex. It’s a proper overhaul, dedicated to spiffing up the visuals, fixing long-standing bugs, improving the AI, making the UI more pleasant and so much more. The final version is now available, and it’s the hardly-needed justification to replay it you were looking for all along.

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gmdx mod deus ex
GMDX version 9

In case you’re not sold on the idea, scroll down and take a look at the trailer. It’s quite the thing, no? You can download the mod from its ModDB page, and here’s a list of changes it makes:

  • Enhanced Artistic Direction
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence
  • Fulfilling Augmentations
  • New Effects, Animations and Graphics
  • Updated User Interface
  • Polished Weaponry
  • Improved Level Design
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Highly Customizable Settings
  • Updated Physics
  • Attention to Detail Second to None
  • Fleshed Out Audio Design
  • Extensive Bug Fixing
  • HDTP and New Vision Support and Extension
  • Fine-tuned Balancing
  • Expanded and Refined RPG systems
  • Variable difficulty Settings
  • New and Improved Simulated Systems

The list does make it sound a bit arrogant – the video presents a far better case. The mod is hailed by its creators as the “definitive” Deus Ex experience, but we wouldn’t go that far. It seems to take too much liberty with the original material – remixing the soundtrack, making changes to the level design and the underlying RPG systems, and generally fixing things that didn’t need fixing in the first place. Obviously, we don’t recommend installing it for your first playthrough – you should just grit your teeth and soldier through the vanilla version.

However, if you’ve been replaying it every few years since 2000, which many people have, it’s a great way to freshen it up a bit. It looks awfully pretty, and the changes made to AI should keep you on your toes. Here’s hoping there’s a button that lets you use the original soundtrack, though.

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  1. C

    GMDX doesn’t remix the soundtrack. That’s just a remix used in the trailer… don’t know how you jumped to that conclusion.

    You may be thinking of the Revision mod, which crudely redesigns the levels (or just embellishes them with various junk) and features a remixed soundtrack, of which only half is any good. GMDX runs very close the source material, only updating and refining where necessary. Level design is almost exactly as it was before, just occasionally expanded.

    1. K

      I guess it’s really a stretch to think the track used in the trailer is part of the mod. My bad.

  2. J

    >Hailed by it’s creators as the definitive deus ex experience.

    Wrong. This is the words of the fanbase, echoed by the developer. Didn’t you even read the description on the trailer?

    >take liberties.

    Wrong again. It’s a very faithful update. Do your damn research.

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