Dishonored Series & Wolfenstein Old Blood & New Order Now On GOG

There are new Bethesda games available on, which means that you can get them DRM-free. The games in question are Dishonored 1 and 2, Death of the Outsider, and the Complete Collection, as well as Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and The New Order. The best part is, there’s currently a Bethesda sale happening on GOG, so you can get these games for next to nothing.

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Dishonored Series & Wolfenstein Old Blood & New Order Now On GOG
Dishonored Series & Wolfenstein Old Blood & New Order Now On GOG

We all know that DRM is garbage, and that it’s useless. Well, if you’ve been itching to own the Dishonored franchise, and / or the first two installments of the rebooted Wolfenstein franchise, you’re in luck. All of these games are now available via, completely DRM-free. Plus, there’s currently a Bethesda sale happening on the store. While it lasts, you can get Dishonored: Definitive Edition for $7, Dishonored 2 for $10, Death of the Outsider for $7.50, or the Complete Collection for $21.

When it comes to the Wolfenstein games, only The Old Blood and The New Order are currently on GOG. I understand why Youngblood isn’t there yet, since it’s relatively recent, but the New Colossus? Come on, Bethesda. Either way, Old Blood and New Order are also currently on sale, for about $6 each. Incidentally, the GOG Bethesda sale has six more days left at the time of writing, so there’s still a ton of time to make use of it. Mind you, there are other games you can snag, including almost the entire Fallout franchise, Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, older Wolfenstein games, and more.

Now, of course, odds are that you already own some of these games on some other platforms. God knows they’ve been on sale on Steam many times. However, this is your chance to own them without having to deal with the nuisance that is DRM, and for real cheap. So, if that appeals to you, head over to and see what you can find.

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  1. C

    will they work on geforce now if I buy them on gog drm free?

  2. C

    for anyone stumbling upon this, I’ll answer my own comment:
    so I just tried accessing Dishonored on gfn and it took me right to the Steam login page so probably won’t work with the gog drm free version

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