Coney Island Secret Rooms & Chests Locations in Division 2

Coney Island Amusement Park is a new mission in The Division 2. It takes place in a new area, and brings with it new secret rooms and chests, crates and cases. Most of them can be reached by destroying the yellow fuse boxes, which opens the locked doors. If you’re having trouble finding the rooms, or the electrical boxes, this guide will show you all Division 2 Coney Island secret rooms & chests locations.

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division 2 coney island secret rooms chests locations
Coney Island Secret Rooms & Chests Locations in Division 2

Galactic Arcade secret room location

The first one is in the Galactic Arcade – you can enter it next to the spot where the Coney Island Amusement Park mission starts. Look for a big room with arcade machines and a large statue of a warrior in the middle. If you look at him from the back and turn left, you’ll see a door leading into the next room. There’s duck shooting gallery there, and a whack-a-mole stand. There’s a locked door between them. The yellow cable leads into the duck shooting gallery – throw a grenade into it, and you should destroy the fuse box. If that doesn’t work, do the same with the whack-a-mole. The door will open and lead you to a bunch of chests.

Carousel secret room

The second secret chest is near the carousel, across the street from the arcade. You can see the locked door by standing in front of the carousel and turning right. To shoot the fuse box, you’ll need to climb up to the carousel, then turn around and look through the gap in the fence on your left.

Haunted house secret loot chest

The third one is in the haunted house. When you get to the graveyard portion, find the angel statue in the middle of the room. Stand in front of it, then turn right and go all the way to the wall. Turn right again, and you’ll see the chain link gate behind which the secret chest is hidden. Turn around, and you’ll see the fuse box in the distance, high up on the opposing wall, past the crypts. Shoot it, and the door will open.