Disney Dreamlight Valley Accolades Trailer Released

The developers of Disney Dreamlight Valley, Gameloft, have released a special accolades trailer for the game. After all, it has garnered a lot of positive press, and it’s definitely not unearned. Mixing elements of adventure games and life-sim games pretty adeptly, Dreamlight Valley has a lot to offer. Add to that the glossy top coat of Disney characters to meet and make friends with, and you have a guaranteed hit.

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disney dreamlight valley accolades trailer released
Disney Dreamlight Valley Accolades Trailer Released

If you’re still on the fence about hopping onto the Disney Dreamlight Valley train, then the accolades trailer might be what pushes you over the edge. The trailer basically goes through a number of positive quotes from a long list of gaming outlets, coupling them with in-game footage. They even went ahead and paired the quotes with parts of the game they reference. For example, GameXplain called the clothing customization “kindaaaa hype,” so of course they show off some of the different outfits you can wear over that quote. All in all, the video truly makes the game shine, and the accolades they pulled certainly don’t hurt.

If you want to, you can take a gander at the Disney Dreamlight Valley accolades trailer below. Now, one thing we have to mention for the uninitiated is that the game is currently in early access. So, if you do purchase it (including one of the more expensive editions), be aware that there are some problems with it. We’ve even written about some of them, so do check out our list of Disney Dreamlight Valley guides in case you run into issues. However, despite the growing pains, it’s still a pretty good and engaging game. Plus, it doesn’t have any microtransactions at time of writing, which is unfortunately something laudable in today’s gaming landscape. So, yeah, check it out!

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