How to Ball Roll & Heel to Ball Roll FIFA 23

Want to know how to Heel to Ball Roll in FIFA 23? Or simply how to do a Ball Roll? The final EA Sports football game that will bear the FIFA name has arrived. And it comes with a myriad of new features and improvements. While many familiar moves are returning to the game, like the Ball Roll, there are also some exciting new additions. One such move we particularly love to use is the Heel to Ball Roll. It looks visually slick and it seems really effective to trick a defender or the keeper. In our guide, we explain how to do the Heel to Ball Roll move in FIFA 23, as well as how to perform the standard Ball Roll.

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How to Ball Roll & Heel to Ball Roll FIFA 23

How to Ball Roll in FIFA 23

So, how to execute the Ball Roll in FIFA 23? This classic FIFA 23 move is not particularly complicated, neither in real-life football nor in FIFA 23. Yet, despite its elegant simplicity, it is an extremely useful move, allowing you to quickly move the ball towards your direction of moving, which can open up possibilities for a clean pass or a shot. And you will be able to do it with quite a lot of players, as it is only a 2-Star move. All you have to do is simply push the Right Stick towards the right or left, depending on the direction the player you control is facing.

How to Heel to Ball Roll in FIFA 23

Now let’s see how to perform the new Heel to Ball Roll move in FIFA 23. This one is a more advanced move, not easy to execute even in real-life football. The Heel to Ball Roll move is one of the four new moves that were never before present in FIFA games. It’s a slick trick which looks smooth and if executed well, it can deceive even the best defenders and goalkeepers.

To perform the Heel To Ball Roll skill move, you will need to hold L1 on PlayStation (or LB on Xbox), and then flick the right stick up and down quickly. It sounds a bit more complicated, but once you master it, it will serve you well. Lastly, keep in mind that this is a 4-star move. Thus, only players with at least 4-star skills will be able to pull it off. With that said, our guide is now completed.

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