Divinity: Original Sin 2 Update Adds Squirrel Knight Riding a Skeleton Cat

Divinity Original Sin 2, the best RPG this side of 2001, is getting a pretty big facelift in the near future. The game’s Definitive Edition, which is going to launch at some point in August, is going to be a hefty update meant to add, expand and fix up a whole bunch of stuff. It’s going to be free for everyone who already owns the game, and the devs at Larian have made a video which explains what exactly you should expect.

divinity original sin 2 definitive edition
Divinity: Original Sin 2 Update Adds Squirrel Knight Riding a Skeleton Cat

The game’s final chapter was criticized for feeling rushed, so they went back and rewrote to an extent. This means new events and dialogues, the polishing of origin character quests, and more. Apparently, they’ve tweaked around 150 thousand words. That’s a lot of words. The tutorial is also getting an update, since the developers feel like new players aren’t being properly introduced with the game.

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Tightening the combat mostly means the difficulty spikes (of which there are a fair few) are being toned down, in order to make for a more consistent experience. They’re also adding an easier-than-easy mode, for those who don’t want to faff about with fights. Performance is getting a boost, with a new physics engine, new music is being written, and some substantial balance changes are being made.

Most importantly, they’re adding a new companion called Sir Lora. Sir Lora is a squirrel, but also a knight. He rides a reanimated skeleton of a cat, and has things to say about the coming of the Acorn, which is supposed to spell doom for the tall ones. He’s going to have his own quest line, but will not participate in combat. If you want the full details of the Definitive Edition, we suggest you check out the video below.

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