Fortnite BR Changes to Late Game Counterplay & Play Styles Announced

Fortnite might be seeing some changes that will affect the late game. Basically, the developers want to shake things up so that more strategies and play styles become viable. We don’t know for sure what they’re gonna do, but they’re throwing around ideas of weapon re-balancing and even potential resource caps.

Fortnite BR Changes to Late Game Counterplay & Play Styles Announced
Fortnite BR Changes to Late Game Counterplay & Play Styles Announced

Epic Games seems to constantly be working on Fortnite one way or another. Whether it be new items or game modes or various tweaks and improvements, the game is constantly evolving. And now, it seems that one of the next steps is going to be changing up the late game. Or, as they out it in the announcement: “We are going to continue to make changes to evolve the game to give players multiple ways to counter each other in combat, and create more strategies to win the game.”

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Basically, for all eleven of you that have never played Fortnite, the late game gets a little messy. Plus, when it gets down to the last few people, the number of viable strategies plummets drastically. It all boils down to rocket launchers, shotguns, and manic building. Or, as Epic puts it: “just build, lol.” Which, fair enough, it’s all gameplay elements that people kinda need to get the hang of. But Epic wants to evolve the game in order to make other play styles and strategies more viable.

So, how exactly are they going to achieve that? Well, they’re looking into different options, such as changes to weapon balance and resource economy. They’re even throwing around the idea of resource caps, which could be potentially interesting. Whatever they do end up doing, it’s going to serve the purpose of making the game more diverse. Now, whether or not they nail it on their first try, and how the fans like it, remains to be seen.

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