Doom Re-releases Get Update Featuring 60 FPS Support, Romero's Sigil

The new update for the re-releases of Doom and Doom 2 is full to the brim with interesting stuff. There’s a lot of quality of life stuff, including 60 FPS support, quick saving and loading, level selection, etc. The main draw, though, is the new add-on support, through which they’ll be adding new content, such as John Romero’s Sigil, The Plutonia Experiment, and more.

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Doom Re-releases Get Update Featuring 60 FPS Support Romeros Sigil
Doom Re-releases Get Update Featuring 60 FPS Support, Romero’s Sigil

Back when the re-releases of the original Doom and Doom 2 launched, there were some serious problems with them. Luckily, since then, the devs have been working hard on improving them, releasing patches with relative regularity. And now, we have a huge update that adds stuff like 60 FPS support, Quick Save and Quick Load, Level Select, an extra aspect ratio, a weapon carousel as well as a brand weapon selection via the D-pad, and much, much more. The patch really elevates the games with these quality of life improvements.

However, the main meat of the update is the add-on support. You’ll be able to find and download them through the main menu, after logging into Once you download an add-on, you’ll have to press “Toggle Activation” and, when you go back to the main menu, you’ll notice that things are different. To sweeten the deal, they’ve already added TNT: Evilution and The Plutonia Experiment from Final Doom. Also, you get to play John Romero’s Sigil, a whole new campaign from the mastermind of the original games. As for Doom 2, it’s getting the No Rest for the Living map pack.

These, of course, are not the only improvements that Bethesda is introducing in this new patch. There’s a host of other things, such as performance optimization, as well as a bunch of fixes. If you want to go through the whole thing, check out the full patch notes on the Bethesda forum.

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