Resident Evil 3 Remake Will Have Improved Nemesis AI

The remake of Resident Evil 3 is going to introduce improvements to the AI of Nemesis, the monster that stalks you all throughout the game. Apparently, unlike the scripted sequences in the original, the new RE 3 is going to feature a Nemesis more like Mr. X in the RE 2 Remake, where he’ll freely stomp around Raccoon City, and you can run into him when you least expect it.

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Resident Evil 3 Remake Will Have Improved Nemesis AI
Resident Evil 3 Remake Will Have Improved Nemesis AI

For all you whippersnappers that are too young to remember the original Resident Evil 3, here’s how Nemesis worked there. Every appearance of his was scripted, meaning you’d know when to expect him on repeat plays. That didn’t make him any less terrifying. In fact, when you knew he was coming, it made everything so much tenser. Plus, every time you fought Nemesis, he’d be even more dangerous than the last. His arsenal would include rocket launchers and extra appendages, along with his superhuman strength and nigh-invincibility. Make no mistake, Nemesis was an absolute nightmare back in the day.

And, if the leaked magazine images provided by Reddit user Mates20970 are to be believed, he’s gonna be even worse in the remake. Basically, Capcom is going to build upon what they did with Mr. X in the RE 2 remake. In other words, there will be no saving you from Nemesis once he locks on. You’ll have to put a lot of distance between him and you before he stops hunting you. Plus, unlike Mr. X, they’ll let Nemesis roam freely through the entirety of Raccoon City (which will be bigger than in the original).

Long story short, any corner you turn in the remake of Resident Evil 3 might mean you running right into the long-toothed monstrosity. Great. Because he wasn’t haunting enough. I can’t wait to lose what little sanity I have starting April 3rd, which is when the game is coming out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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