Doomfist Info Revealed in Overwatch Developer Update

The new Overwatch developer update video brings a bunch of info on Doomfist, the upcoming 25th character. In it, game director Jeff Kaplan explains all about his abilities, his back story and how he fits into the roster. Sadly, he will not be voiced by Terry Crews.

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Not Terry Crews

Doomfist comes from Nigeria, and is a high ranking member of Talon. This probably means there’s going to be an interesting story arc involving him and Reaper. He wants to see manking evolve, and he thinks fighting is the way to achieve this. He isn’t particularly fond of the Overwatch team, especially Winston, who is responsible for Doomfist’s long incarceration. All in all, things are going to get hairy.

He’s an offensive hero, but he’s also tough. Kaplan says his defining ability is the Rocket Punch, a charge-based attack that gets more power and range the longer you cook it. The attack ignores all kinds of barriers, like Reinhardt’s shield. It also does extra damage if it manages to knock the enemy into a wall. It’s probably supposed to lead people away from pushing others off ledges.

Next up is Rising Uppercut, which is, well… an uppercut, which raises opponents into the air. Then there’s Seismic Slam, which lets Doomfist slam into the ground from above. It briefly stuns enemies and draws them towards the player. There’s a quick-shot shotgun in his fancy fist, which holds four rounds.

His ult is called Meteor Strike. It lets him soar into the air, giving him a nice view of the entire map. He then picks a spot, dives down and stuns (and damages) everyone in a certain radius. Finally, his passive ability gives him a temporary shield whenever he punches someone. The shield decays over time, but it can be strengthened with combos.

Doomfist is already available on the PTR, but we don’t know when he will be added for real.

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