Dreadnought Open Beta is Now Live on PlayStation 4

Dreadnought, a combat flight simulator, has an open beta currently live on PlayStation 4. You can find the open beta in the store and begin downloading its 11 GB. If you manage to go through the privacy policy, you’ll need to use a Grey Box account. If you don’t have one, you’ll have to sign up for one with your email.

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Since this is an exclusive PS4 title, players will be able to try out eight new maps and use a PlayStation 4 exclusive premium ship. The new maps consist of four variants of the maps that have been available in the closed beta. The last four are two brand new maps and their variants.

All PlayStation 4 players will get the Hactar hero ship for free. This Tier-IV tactical cruiser is not a rookie vessel, even if you do get it at the start. To claim it, visit the store, or the head to the game’s add-ons and manually download it.

Dreadnought Open Beta is Now Live on PlayStation 4
Dreadnought Open Beta is Now Live on PlayStation 4

Brand new features are live in the open beta. An in-game friends list was added, allowing you to see all your PSN friends who play Dreadnought. Adding them to a squad allows you to fight alongside two friends.

With the open beta, there are three new market items and several additional changes:

  • The Trident Hero Ship: One of the most famous vessels from the Great Solar War.
  • The Knight bundle: Now you can pick up this shining, bravery-inspired emblem and striking, green and yellow coating.
  • GP packs: Purchase GP packs to buy Hero Ships, ship vanity items, captain accessories and more.
  • SHAREfactory theme: Easily share footage of your favorite battles with video clips and images taken from across the Solar System. Download it for free!
  • 2 Dynamic themes: Customize your home screen with a view of Sinley Bay or one of its massive, cavernous ship hangars—for free.
  • PS4 Pro optimizations: Get even better graphical fidelity on your PS4 Pro.
  • Currency conversion: Spend GP to convert Ship XP into Free XP, or turn GP directly into Credits.
  • New languages: Command the skies in French, German or Spanish.

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