Games from Anno Franchise on a Daily Steam Sale up to 75% Off

Games from the Anno franchise, like Anno 2205 and Anno 2070, are on a short, time-limited Steam sale. The 50% discount applies to Anno 2205 and its DLCs and season pass. The 75% discount is for Anno 2070 and its DLCs. There is also Dawn of Discovery, on 66% sale. The offer ends on Wednesday, August 2nd, at 10 AM Pacific Time. If you click on the specific game, you can see how many hours are left till the end of the sale.

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Anno Franchise Games on a Daily Steam Sale up to 75% Off
Anno Franchise Games on a Daily Steam Sale up to 75% Off

Anno 2205 and 2070 are futuristic city-builder games. In this economy simulation game, with real-time strategy elements, you are solely responsible for how good or bad your city will fare. These two titles are the fifth and six in the Anno series. The fourth game in the series, Anno 1404, was released in the US, under the name of Dawn of Discovery. The first three (not part of the sale) are Anno 1602, 1503 and 1701.

Anno Franchise Games Sale Numbers

In the table below, you’ll find all the important information about the sale. If you decide to pick one offer, be sure to visit the official Anno Steam sale page to check it out.

NameRelease DateDiscountNew-discount (old) Price
Anno 2205November 3, 201550%$20 (40)
Anno 2205 DLC – TundraFebruary 29, 201650%$6 (12)
Anno 2205 DLC – OrbitJuly 20, 201650%$6 (12)
Anno 2205 DLC – FrontiersOctober 4, 201650%$6 (12)
Anno 2205 DLC – Season PassNovember 3, 201550%$10 (20)
Anno 2070November 17, 201175%$5 (20)
Anno 2070 DLC – Deep OceanOctober 4, 201275%$5 (20)
Anno 2070 DLC – The E.V.E. PackageMay 14, 201275%$2 (8)
Dawn of DiscoveryJune 30, 200966%$3.40 (10)
Dawn of Discovery: VeniceFebruary 25, 201066%$3.40 (10)

There are also three Anno 2070 Packages on sale. All three of them offer a combination of items with a 75% discount, and those that are not on sale, but their price is $1. The ones marked with “*” are those that cost $1. The total price for The Eden Complete Package is $2, DLC Complete Pack $3.80, and the Complete Edition $7.50

Name (Package)The Eden Complete PackageDLC Complete PackComplete Edition
The Development+++
The Eden Series+++
*The Keeper+++
*The E.V.E.++
The Nordamark Line++
*The Central Statistical++
The Crisis Response++
The Distrust Series++
*The Silent Running++
Deep Ocean+
Anno 2070+
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