Dungeon Defenders 2 Out of Early Access, Receives Huge Update

After several long years in early access, Dungeon Defenders 2 is finally out for real. You can get it for free, but there’s $100 worth of microtransactions in there, if you’re the spending type. There’s also a launch trailer that showcases some of the heroes, enemies and maps.

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dungeon defenders 2 out now
Dungeon Defenders 2 released for realsies

If you’re an auld yin, Dungeon Defenders 2 is a tower defense game in which you also get to control the heroes. Younger readers might call it a MOBA in which you set up the towers yourself. Perspective is a strange thing. The number in the title might give away that it’s a sequel – it improves upon the original by expanding the cast, mostly, but also adding new enemies, maps and other things. It’s also free. Free is always an improvement over not free, which is what the original was.

In case you’ve been playing it during early access, here’s a list of all the new features the update brings:

  • Updated tutorials
  • Updated story and campaign
  • New summary screen and score system
  • Updated HUD and health bars
  • New tower skins (Bit Crush Dryad, Woodland Apprentice, Hypno Abyss Lord)
  • New shard icons (a dozen of them)
  • Incursions and legendary weapons (you’ll get blueprints for the weapons by completing incursions, but you’ll still need to craft them at the Wayfarer, using Defender Medals)
  • New weapons
  • Playstation 4 optimization

There’s also a bunch of quality of life improvements, balance tweaks and a whole lot of bug fixes. No more getting stuck on black screens after you end a match. The game’s icon is now the Squire’s head, which is, according to the developers, “the most important change of all”.

Dungeon Defenders 2 is out now on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC. It’s free, but with optional microtransactions to fuel it. A lot of them. Like, a whole bunch.

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