Dust Not Revealing Riki Bug in Dota 2 The New Frontiers Update

If you think that Dust of Appearance is not revealing Riki or Templar Assassin after Dota 2′ The New Frontiers update, you’re not going crazy! Something is definitely going on here. Here’s what we know about this Dota 2 “Dust Not Working” bug in The New Frontiers update.

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Dust Not Revealing Riki Bug in Dota 2 The New Frontiers Update
Dota 2 Dust Not Working After The New Frontiers Update

Dota 2 Dust Revealing Riki After The New Frontiers Update

On the night of April 20th, 2023, Valve made a surprise launch of one of the biggest Dota 2 updates in the history of this popular MOBA. Called The New Frontiers, the patch introduces absolutely massive gameplay changes which will fundamentally change the current meta, and the way matches play out. As you can see from the official patch notes, the sheer scale of the update is something we’ve never seen in Dota 2 before. Even 7.00 wasn’t this big. We will not go into details here about the update, as you can check it yourself.

However, updates of this magnitude usually mean that a solid amount of bugs accompany them. Unfortunately, there are quite a few here. Currently, the most game-breaking one is the fact that the Dust of Appearance item is simply not working on Riki. Namely, a number of players report that “dust simply isn’t revealing Riki” in Dota 2.

While we don’t know the reason behind this bug, we can currently speculate. In our opinion, this is most likely due to the rework of the reveal. From the patch notes: “Dust now creates an area that reveals and slows invisible units by 20% in a 1050 radius where the caster was standing. Revealed units take 25 damage. The area lasts 12 seconds. Debuff lingers on enemy heroes for 8 additional seconds after they leave the area of effect.” Something in this change is most likely causing Riki to doge Dust’s reveal effect. Other players report that Dust is not working on Templar Assassin as well, but we can not confirm this.

For now, that’s all we know about this bug. Hopefully, Valve will react quickly and deploy a hotfix, as Riki is all but broken in this current state. Or at the very least, they should ban Riki from ranked until this is fixed.

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