Dead Island 2 Audio Issues, No Character Sound Bug Fix

Sound has always been one of the most important things when it comes to zombie media. The garbled voice, growl, and the staggering way that zombies move are great indicators of where they are, allowing you to get the drop on them or avoid them altogether. So it is very unfortunate that some Dead Island 2 players are having problems with the audio in the game. Specifically, when it comes to voices – both from the zombies as well as from the NPCs. Sometimes it is completely silent, while other times it can be so quiet that you can barely hear anything. So is there any way to fix these Dead Island 2 Audio Issues, specifically the No Character Sound Bug? As a matter of fact, there is something you can try to resolve this, and we are going to explain how it works right here in our guide.

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Dead Island 2 Audio Issues, No Character Sound Bug Fix
Dead Island 2 Audio Issues, No Character Sound Bug Fix

How to Fix Dead Island 2 Audio Problems, Character Missing Sound

The way to troubleshoot this problem depends on the gaming platform that you are playing Dead Island 2 on. Let’s start with the PC first. It seems that, for many players, the problem goes away once they switch over headphones to speakers. So this is something that you should try out first to see if that manages to fix this voice issue. You should also check to see if you need to update your audio drivers. As for PlayStation and Xbox devices, there is no guaranteed solution as of yet, so you should go through the standard troubleshooting procedure to see if you can manage to fix this.

Start by checking your TV and HDMI connections to make sure that everything is set up correctly. After that, check your console sound settings to see if you can make it work by making some adjustments here. Finally, check if there are any pending software updates that your console needs to install. If none of these methods work, the only thing left is to wait and hope that the devs put out a hotfix for this audio issue soon.

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