ELEX is a new open-world RPG by Piranha Bytes

The developer’s name should be familiar to everyone who played their Gothic or Risen series of games, and it will be published by THQ Nordic. The story does appear to continue here, the gameplay video below seems to indicate an ambitious, rough-around-the-edges RPG with a degree of freedom, but not exactly of AAA quality.

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Now, Piranha Bytes have presented the game as a “science-fantasy”, so expect to see some clash between swords, magic and automatic weaponry. This is an interesting choice if done right. Other promises include the game being “edgy, dark, uncompromising, and complex”. The game seems to feature a jetpack as well and that is always a welcome addition when searching large areas, as Mass Effect Andromeda has shown.

The plot revolves around ELEX, the element brought to the planet by a meteor, causing massive destruction. The survivors are left to struggle and fight over ELEX, as it is used as a power source, as well as tool that gives you magical powers or reshape life forms. The game will also feature three factions: The Berserkers, who have renounced modern technology, dedicating themselves to ELEX, the Clerics, who worhip a god Calaan and function as a police state barring the use of the said element, and the Outlaws, whose name should be self-explanatory.

The game will be played from a third person perspective, with weapons such as swords and firearms being available from the get-go, and magic arriving to the formula later. The developer promises huge, seamless game world with no loading zones, with player’s actions creating real consequences and deep moral choices coming to haunt you.

Could this game be just what RPG lovers are looking for and the big developers are just too afraid to take chances? It remains to be seen. There is a whiff of Technomancer around it, and we can hope it will turn out better.