Endless Space 2 Second X Trailer Released - Shows How To Expand

Amplitude Studios have released another trailer for Endless Space 2. It’s the second part of a four-part series, focusing on showing off how the 4X work in their game. This video is all about expanding – how to establish colonies once you’ve found a nice spot during your exploration phase.

endless space 2 expand trailer
Endless Space 2 Expand trailer

While you’re exploring the immediate vicinity of your home system, you’ll find at least a couple of habitable planets. You’ll now want to spread your tentacles and build an outpost on one of them. It’s kind of a slow and expensive process, and you have to defend the colonists from space pirates and other nuissances. Once the colony is set up, it’s going to start earning you those sweet, sweet resources.

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Apart from the four basic resources, which every half-decent planet has, you should also look for deposits of luxury resources. You’ll be able to use them to increase the production rates of your colony. Once the new settlement reaches level 1, it will allow you to transfer people over from other places.

Seeing how this is an Amplitude game, different species approach colonization differently. The trailer mentions that the Lumeris have the ability to purchase colonies using dust, while the Vodyani don’t even need them – they live in massive space ships that orbit the planets. Some worlds will be uninhabitable until you’ve researched the proper tech. In the end, you’ll unlock the ability to terraform planets as you like. There are also systems you won’t be able to claim unless you’re willing to spend influence. This resource will also allow you to convert opponents’ colonies.

Endless Space is going to be released on May 19th. You can already buy the early access version, if you don’t mind the fact you can’t rely on much more than Steam reviews. It costs $10 less than what the final version will.

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