Surviving Mars Announcement Trailer Now Live, Published by Paradox

The new game by Haemimont Games, Surviving Mars, got an announcement trailer. The developers behind Tropico 3 through 5 and a whole host of real-time strategies and city-building games are doing what they do best again, except this time, we’ll be colonizing Mars. The game will be published by Paradox Entertainment, and it’s coming out some time in 2018.

Surviving Mars Announcement Trailer Now Live, Published by Paradox
Surviving Mars Announcement Trailer Now Live, Published by Paradox

Fans of city-building and strategy games are in for a real treat next year. There’s a new project by Haemimont Games (with Paradox as publisher), called Surviving Mars, on the horizon. The game got an announcement trailer recently, and, although it’s cinematic, it should do the job of getting your curiosity peaked.

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The trailer opens with a tracking shot across the surface of Mars. We see how hostile and unforgiving the red planet is. The narrator tells us about the many trials that the deserted planet brings, but with a hopeful message that we, as a species can persevere. As the shot moves, we see little robots gathering rocks, a large Mars rover, until we see domed cities, with green grass and slender buildings. It’s all very epic and engrossing.

We then see two people in space suits, trying to assemble some incredibly complex machinery with unclear instructions. They have no idea how it’s supposed to look, and there’s no way to find out, since there’s no box. It’s good to know that IKEA will producing space equipment in the near future. Anyway, you can check out the Surviving Mars announcement trailer.

As for when the game will launch, for now, we only know that it’ll come out in 2018. However, you can already sign up with a Paradox account on the Surviving Mars website. You can recruit more colonists and become one of the founders, and even get a “head start with some in-game items”.

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