Endless Space 2 Stellar Prisoner Update Adds Two New Heroes

If you’ve ever played an Amplitude Studios game, you know they have a penchant for dishing out free content. It’s no surprise then, that the latest update for Endless Space 2 expands the game with two new heroes, new planets, anomalies, quests and more. There are also bug fixes and performance improvements, but honestly, it’s all about breaking a glowing guy from a neutron star prison.

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endless space 2 stellar prisoner
Stellar Prisoner update

Here are the most interesting additions, balance changes and fixes. If you’d like to check out the full list, you’d better take a look at the changelog.

  • Added Neutron Star special node
  • Added 2 new unique planets, Veil & Teonha
  • Added hero Koros Apogee
  • Added hero Tiaych Zhilleaq
  • Added the quest Invisible Chains (look for the neutron star!)
  • Added a unique Anomaly on Auriga & Bilgeli (2 total)
  • Reduced Auriga base science as it is now given by Husk of Knowledge anomaly
  • Fixed the quest improvement “Craver Dark Ops” being available to be built multiple times
  • Fixed custom faction feedback on planet FIDSI tooltips
  • Fixed Unfallen home system not having a bonus of 1000 System Manpower
  • Fixed cooldown timer for changing battle tactics set not being affected by game speed
  • Added Enhanced Astronavigation as a starting skill (tier 0) for Tiaych Zhilleaq
  • Fixed incorrect feedback of Sophon Free Move movement points (showed +2, when it gave +4)
  • Sophons Free Move now gives +2 Vision Range instead of +1.5
  • Sophons Free Move now gives +2 Movement Points instead of +4
  • Disabled Apathetic/Fervent Colonists Traits for Factions with Shipbound (since it’s irrelevant to them)
  • Disabled Guardians Trait for Factions with Shipbound (since it’s irrelevant to them)
  • Fixed some political traits not affecting politics properly/being wrongly feedbacked
    • Merchants
    • Monumentalists
    • Aggressive
    • Investors
    • Conservationists
    • Automatists
    • Sociologists
    • Biologists
    • Dutiful
    • Virtuous
    • Skeptics
    • Fanatical
    • Sanctuarists
    • Pragmatic
    • Preservationists
    • Harvesters
    • Druids
    • Territorial
  • Exploration quest Mysterious Plague ship is now disabled for the Vodyani Faction
  • Horatio Carrier now has 13200 HP instead of 5500 HP
  • War exhaustion trend computation will now depend on game speed
  • Added Distributed Energy and Gamma Analysis tooltips
  • Lumeris refund for outposts is now equal to the Dust spent to colonize
  • Updated Gas FIDSI to differentiate the planets
  • Populations Collections for Custom Factions are now dissociated from the vanilla factions’. This allows for clearer feedback.
  • Fixed a bug where the Horatio population collection bonus level 3 had overpowered, unintended industry effects
  • Fixed an issue of Influence provided by Outposts
  • First contact action with Minor Factions is now free
  • The New Colony Rule Industrialist law only applies its effect on the newly acquired colony
  • Fixed tooltip of the Explore Binaries anomaly reduction displaying debug text
  • Fixed the quest Babies not Booms sending population on outpost. Now, it will add population only on Colonies.
  • The quest The Good Life is now disabled for custom factions with the Affinity Shipbound
  • The quests Babies Not Booms and An Unexpected Visitor are now disabled for custom Factions with the Affinity Shipbound
  • Relationship trend of Minor Faction now depends on game speed
  • Having Pacifists in the senate does not remove the Eternal War effect over minor factions
  • Fixed Shipbound Custom Factions based on Cravers Visual Affinity being able to create multiple Ark designs
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