Endless Space 2 The Unfallen Prologue Video Released

Amplitude Studios have released a new trailer for Endless Space 2, the sequel to their popular 4X space strategy game. The video shows the prologue to the story of The Unfallen, a new faction of tree creatures. It’s a bit cryptic, explaining mostly their motivations and philosophy, along with showing a few cool images – it definitely won’t spoil anything for you.

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endless space 2 unfallen prologue video
Endless Space 2 – The Unfallen

The Unfallen are sentient plants hailing from the planet of Koyasil, who were pretty unambitious about space exploration until a war broke out in their sector of space. This resulted in flaming debris landing on Koyasil, which kind of gave them the idea that they should be the universal ambassadors of peace. Now, they consider themselves “guardians of peace and harmony in a galaxy that seems to be badly in need of both”. If you’re intrigued, there’s much more info on the official wiki.

They’re basically Bob Ross’ happy trees, which isn’t much of a surprise when you know they’ve been designed by the community via the Games2Gether program. The internet has been crazy about Bob Ross for a while now. They’re pacifists that have bonuses on food production and colonize planets by hugging them with their space vines.

Endless Space 2 has been on Steam Early Access for quite a while now, and the reviews have been generally positive. The proper release is scheduled for May 19th, and it will be sold for $40. You can shave ten dollars off that price if you grab the early access version, which is honestly not a bad deal – the game has already been tried and tested by a large community, and it seems they’re quite happy with it (just make sure you check out the Steam reviews thoroughly before you buy). If you do, you’ll also get some meagre bonuses with it – skins, forum badges and such.

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