Prey Review Round-Up

Despite Bethesda refusing to supply review copies, Prey reviews have started popping up. Several major gaming websites are still working on their reviews, but have gone around Bethesda’s nonsense by posting reviews in progress. Some of those are very entertaining reads in form of diaries or almost blow-by-blow commentary. Still, there’s enough reviews out there for a Prey review round-up.

Prey Review Round-Up
Prey Review Round-Up

Bethesda is still going strong with its policy of not sending out review copies to gaming news outlets until the day before launch. They explain it away by saying that they only wish critics and audiences to experience the game simultaneously. This is a fairly roundabout way of saying that they don’t want reviews to influence consumers.

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To be fair, this might stem from Bethesda wanting to protect gamers from any potential spoilers. However, many people have pointed out that this can also be due to Bethesda wanting to control the marketing of the game until the last moment. Which of these is true? Well, that’s not up to us to decide.

Whatever Bethesda’s reasoning may be, because of their policy, many major outlets are still working on their reviews. Most of them, however, have posted some kind of review-in-progress placeholder that details their experiences so far. Other outlets have elected to post their reviews, which, as a result, might not be as objective due to unfair time constraints. In interest of fairness, we’ll be listing both complete reviews and those in progress. Here’s the Prey review round-up.

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