EVE Valkyrie holiday discount on all VR platforms

If you’ve looking to take the plunge and dive into the VR extravaganza that is EVE Valkyrie, you can now do so for less money than usual. The dogfighting spin-off is going to be on sale for a couple of weeks, and owners of all 3 headsets will have the chance to snag it with a discount.

eve valkyrie holiday vr sale
EVE Valkyrie Holiday Sale

For the uninitiated, EVE Valkyrie is a space combat game with six degrees of freedom, designed specifically for virtual reality. It takes place in the EVE universe, but aside from the themes, there’s not much to tie it to the long-running MMO.

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Oculus owners are getting special treatment. Today only, players with a Rift headset can buy the game at the Oculus store with a 50% discount. It’s featured there as a daily discount, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it. After today, the reduction will go down to 33%. The sale will end on January 3rd, so don’t take too long.

If you’re sporting a HTC Vive, you’ll have to make do with the 33% price slash on Steam. It’s going into effect on December 22nd, while the ending date has been set for January 2nd.

Over in console land, Playstation VR owners will have the chance to buy Valkyrie with 33% off on the Playstation Store. The offer will be valid from December 23rd to January 3rd.

It’s kind of sad to see Oculus owners getting special treatment, and it’s bound to make some from the rest of the VR playerbase feel sour. Be that as it may, Valkyrie is among the best VR has to offer right now. If you have any interest in science fiction, space ships, flying games or virtual reality in general, you should probably jump at the chance to get it while the price is reduced.

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