Evolve Servers Shutting Down in September, Peer-to-Peer Staying

2K Games has announced that they’ll be shutting down Evolve Stage 2 servers. They’ll be going down in early September, while bundles of in-game currency will go away in early July. Fortunately, those of you who own Legacy Evolve will be able to keep playing via peer-to-peer multiplayer (or single player vs AI).

Evolve Servers Shutting Down in September, Peer-to-Peer Staying
Evolve Servers Shutting Down in September, Peer-to-Peer Staying

Poor, poor Evolved. You could have been amazing; alas, it was not meant to be. Yes, 2K Games has decided to pull the plug on Evolve’s servers, three years after the games launch, and two years after Turtle Rock stopped supporting the title. According to the post on the 2K Games support page, the servers Of Evolve Stage 2 will be shutting down on September 3rd of this year, making the store unavailable, too. Before that, on July 2nd, the devs will remove the virtual currency bundles from the game. Effectively, that spells the death of Evolve Stage 2, aka the free-to-play version of Evolve.

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This, however, doesn’t spell the complete doom of the entirety of Evolve. In fact, you’ll be happy to know that Legacy Evolve will retain most of its functionality. Makes sense, considering that it has peer-to-peer multiplayer. Those of you that have Legacy Evolve will be able to play Quick Matches (Hunt, Nest, Rescue, Defend, Arena), Evacuation, and custom games. You’ll also be able to play custom games, Evacuation, and Quick Matches in Single Player vs AI mode. Naturally, you’ll still have access to your My2K login, as well as “all hunters, monsters, purchased DLC, skins & player badges.”

So, there you have it. If you’ve been playing Evolve Stage 2, you have a few short months left to play. If, on the other hand, you’ve got Legacy Evolve, you’ll still be able to go out there and hunt or be hunted.

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