Fall Guys Sonic Skin

The Sonic skin in Fall Guys is a new outfit that the developers are releasing in conjunction with Sega. One assumes it’s some sort of cross-promotion between the two companies. Since this has been announced, players are wondering how to get the Sonic outfit in Fall Guys. Who doesn’t want to blaze across the obstacle course as the fastest thing alive? That being the case, let’s show you how to obtain the Fall Guys Sonic Skin.

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fall guys sonic skin
Fall Guys Sonic Skin

How to Get Fall Guys Sonic Skin?

To get the Fall Guys Sonic Skin, you’ll have to buy it for ten Crowns. The Sonic outfit has two parts, and each of them costs five Crowns. The new Fall Guys skin won’t appear in the shop until tomorrow, Wednesday, October 14th, though, so there’s no use trying to purchase it right now. Also, the Sonic Skin will only be in the store for a limited time, so you should start grinding out those crowns as fast as you can. Then again, these cosmetics is usually on rotation, so Sonic will probably come back at some point. Don’t worry if you miss it this time around.

If you’re new at the game and are wondering how to get Crowns in Fall Guys, well, the classic way is to win matches. Of course, this is easier said than done. Fortunately for you, Season 2 of Fall Guys has added a free Battle Pass, which rewards you with even more Crowns just for playing the game and accomplishing certain milestones. As it currently stands, you can earn the ten Crowns you need to buy the Fall Guys Sonic Skin by Level 26 of the Battle Pass. You get five Crowns by Level 15, and three on Level 21 and 26 each.

So, yeah, you’ll have to do some serious grinding in order to get ten Crowns and buy the Sonic outfit, especially if you’re starting from scratch. However, with some dedicated grinding of the Battle Pass and a few victories, you’ll have what you need to purchase the Sonic Skin in no time. Good luck!

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