Genshin Impact Tianqiu Valley Secret & Fire Puzzle

Tianqiu Valley Secret in Genshin Impact is a side quest in the game that you can complete, and one of the steps involves solving a fire puzzle. Well, to be fair, there’s three fire puzzles in the Gesnhin Impact Secret of Tianqiu Valley quest that you’ll have to solve. On top of that, there’s a jumping puzzle as well as a fighting challenge you’ll have to do. So, in our Genshin Impact Tianqiu Valley Secret & Fire Puzzle guide, we’ll show you how to solve the fire puzzle and complete the quest.

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genshin impact tianqiu valley secret & fire puzzle
Genshin Impact Tianqiu Valley Secret & Fire Puzzle

Genshin Impact Tianqiu Valley Fire Puzzle

To solve the Tianqiu Valley Fire Puzzle in Genshin Impact, the first step is to complete the triangle puzzle. You can do this one in two moves, just make sure to have a Pyro character. We did them with Amber. Anyways, first light up the torch in the far left, then the torch in the lower middle, the one closest to the entrance. Consult the image below to see what I mean. Loot the chest and head upstairs.

how to solve fire puzzle tianqiu valley secret genshin impact
Triangle Fire Puzzle solution

Once you make it to the second floor, you’ll have to solve another fire puzzle; this time, it’s in the shape of a pentagram. This one is a little more complicated, and it took us a while of trial and error until we got it. When you shoot one of the torches, the other two that the lines connect with will either turn on or snuff out, depending on their previous state. So, what you should do is try and make just one torch to be lit up, doesn’t matter which one. For us, it was the bottom right. Then, we shot the middle left, and then the top torch. Once again, loot the chest and go upstairs.

fire puzzle solution genshin impact tianqui valley
Pentagram Fire Puzzle solution

This final puzzle seems difficult, but honestly, it’s nothing too difficult. First, light both torches above the chest, then turn around and shoot both torches on the opposite wall. Next, light both torches on the right wall, then both on the left. Essentially, you can just shoot all the torches in a circle, and you’ll be fine. Take everything from the chest, as well as the prism, then go back to the monolith in the middle of the ruins to slot it in.

Tianqui Valley Secret Jumping Puzzle Solution Genshin Impact

To solve the jumping puzzle in Genshin Impact Tianqui Valley, you have to give your main character Geo powers. If you already haven’t, you can do that by visiting one of the Statues of the Seven in Liyue. Once you do that, activate the timer by interacting with the glowing, red hourglass symbol. Then, hop onto the platform on the left, and summon a Sphere. Climb onto the Sphere, then clamber up on the ledge right above the hourglass. Run to the right and jump onto the first wooden platform you come across. Summon another sphere and jump onto another wooden platform right in front and above you. Hop onto the ledge and run to the right to collect the prism. Return to the monolith outside to slot in the second “charge.”

How to Complete Unlock Secret of Tianqiu Valley Quest in Genshin Impact?

To complete the Genshin Impact Unlock Secret of Tianqiu Valley quest, there’s only one more trial that you have to complete, and it’s in the south of the area. Basically, you’ll have to defeat a certain number of enemies within the time limit, head up the stairs, and do it all over again. At the end, you’ll get the third prism. Insert it into the monolith in the middle, and a whole horde of treasure hunters will spawn. After you defeat them too, a ton of chests will appear, so loot them all to complete the quest. The sheer amount of loot that you get from this mission is well-worth the effort.

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