Friday the 13th Experiencing Server Issues & Other Problems

Fans of slasher movies and horror games have been eagerly awaiting the launch of the Friday the 13th game. Unfortunately, the game’s release ended up being something of a disappointment. The game suffers from various server issues and glitches that can ruin the game. Moreover, it seems that the Xbox One version isn’t in sync with the PC and PlayStation 4.

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Friday the 13th Experiencing Server Issues & Other Problems
Friday the 13th Experiencing Server Issues & Other Problems

For those new to the story, let’s give a quick rundown. Friday the 13th is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game. One of the players controls Jason Voorhees and needs to hunt down the others. Jason has several superpowers at his disposal, such as blinking around the map. The other players are camp counselors that need to either escape or attempt to kill Jason. They have various tools at their disposal, as well as a car that they need to repair in order to escape.

On paper, this sounds like an excellent concept for a game. In fact, it works great in Dead by Daylight. However, the launch of Friday the 13th has been seriously marred by various issues. The most common problem has been with the servers and matchmaking. It takes forever to get into a match, and people constantly get the “Data Base Login Failure, Verify Internet Connectivity” error message. The developers immediately went to work in order to fix the problems, but the bad taste in the mouth has already settled.

Moreover, the game is suffering from all kinds of glitches, from minor ones to game-breaking ones. For example, attacking Jason can lead to him freezing. Sure, he can’t move, but he also won’t go down. If all of that wasn’t enough, it seems that the Xbox version is outdated. Apparently, Xbox owners are playing a version that’s almost identical to the beta, including all the issues that carried over from there.

The developers of Friday the 13th have been working around the clock since launch to fix the problems as fast as possible. Hopefully, they’ll be able to patch things up. However, coupled with the controversy around keys sent to the media before Kickstarter backers, their street cred is in serious trouble.

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