Star Trek Bridge Crew Gets Bundled With HTC Vive

In a surprising tweet earlier today, HTC have announced that everyone who buys the Vive VR headset from now on will get a game bundled with it as well. It’s the newly released Trek-’em-up, Star Trek Bridge Crew. It’s a great little bonus for people who are on the fence, but the ones who’ve bought the device recently don’t seem too pleased about it.

star trek bridge crew htc vive bundle
Star Trek Bridge Crew bundled with HTC Vive

As you’d expect, the players who’ve bought the headset recently aren’t too happy about the fact there’s a promotion they’ve barely missed. The tweet in question is burried under a mountain of replies asking whether purchases from the last couple of weeks qualify for the bundled game as well. The company hasn’t replied yet, but we wouldn’t hold our breath. If you’re a new owner of the Vive, you’ll just have to learn to live with the fact that the hardware is going to get cheaper as time passes, as well as bundled with games and other products. It’s the price of early adoption.

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New owners, however, can look forward to an almost universally praised experience. The Star Trek Bridge Crew reviews are mostly positive, but somewhat divisive when it comes to certain features. Of course, that doesn’t matter much when you’re getting the game as a free bonus.

The game allows you to take on the role of one of four key crew memebers of USS Aegis. Your mission is to explore uncharted space, brave its dangers and find a new home for the unfortunate Vulcans – well, what’s left of them, anyway. It was designed as a multiplayer experience for up to four players, and it has cross-platform features – it doesn’t matter which device you play it on, or which headset you use – you’ll be able to play with every other owner.

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