Friday the 13th Game Won't Allow Team Killing in Public Matches

Friday the 13th: The Game will disable team killing in public matches. Weapons like the machete, the shotgun and so on will no longer harm other camp counselors. Cars and traps, however, will still harm friendly players. This is a response to players creating a “Battle Royale” atmosphere in matches, which is not at all what the mechanic was supposed to do.

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Friday the 13th Game Won't Allow Team Killing in Public Matches
Friday the 13th Game Won’t Allow Team Killing in Public Matches

The developers of Friday the 13th have included a mechanic where you can harm, and even kill, friendly players. As the reddit post from ThePraetorian states, the intent was to increase tension and really make players paranoid and scared. Unfortunately, for whatever mind-boggling reasons, players have started turning on each other. It’s become so disruptive, that the developers have decided to clamp down on the behavior:

In the next patch; Public Games will no longer allow counselor team killing through weapons use against other counselor players. The shotgun, machete, and other assorted weapons will no longer have any effect on friendly players.

So, there’s that. You can still keep the option of team killing in private matches, if you like. That’s about as fair as it gets, I’d say. Also, there are still ways to harm fellow camp counselors. You can still run people over with cars, and kill them that way. The devs have to keep it that way, simply because, during the beta, people used to stand in front of the car and block it. If you’d prefer to hurt people with traps, that works, too. At least that won’t cause the person that placed the trap to lose XP. That was apparently another issue – players intentionally running into traps to dock the XP of others.

All in all, I’d say that this is a pretty fair decision overall. If you really want to team-kill, you can do so on your own terms. Cars and traps can still hurt friendly players, but the devs have found a pretty decent compromise. What’s your stance on the issue?

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