PUBG First Person Servers are now Available for Squads as Well

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds first-person servers are now available in all game modes, including Squads. These changes are live on NA, EU and Asia servers. Players on Oceanic servers will still have to wait for it.

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PUBG First Person Servers are now Available for Squads as Well
PUBG First Person Servers are now Available for Squads as Well

The leaderboards for it will be added later, according to the official Twitter account, the place that is the go-to of all PlayerUnknown’s battlegrounds news.

With these pleasant news, players will get to enjoy the week 20 patch that was on the PTR. To apply it to your live version, you’ll need to restart Steam. Once it is done, you can enjoy its full content, including things like client optimizations (UI and 6+ core CPU better performance), sound effects (decreased motorbike engine and vehicle skid sound volumes), and other bug fixes. Including the one that caused your character to stand before crouching when revived, but not including the building rendering optimization issues that started getting more noticeable lately.

Unfortunately, Oceanic servers still don’t have first-person servers, and as for when they will get them, there is no information. For now, players from that area will have to make due with an FPP experience that has a bit of lag.

Keep in mind that the first-person servers were added a week ago, as a part of the 4th monthly update. It included the long-awaited mode, a new feature to report players, a chance to re-enter the games you’be have been disconnected from, colorblind mode, and more. It wasn’t available for all modes, but only for Solo and Duo queues.

If you are wondering which features will make an appearance before the game’s release by the end of the year, rest assured, there will be plenty. Some of them include new animations, further improvements to the game and bug fixes, and new maps. One of them was revealed almost a month ago, and it’s set in a desert area.

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