Friday the 13th PAX East 2017 New "Killer" Trailer

The asymmetrical-multiplayer survival horror game by IllFonic and Gun Media recently showed off another trailer. The Friday the 13th PAX East trailer, titled “Killer”, will certainly bring back memories for all Jason Voorhees fans. From the VHS opening to the over-the-top brutal murder, every slasher lover will instantly feel right at home.

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Friday the 13th PAX East 2017 New Killer Trailer
Friday the 13th PAX East 2017 New Killer Trailer Analysis

Like all other previous trailers for the Friday the 13th game, the new PAX East 2017 one is chock-full of ridiculous gore and rampant fan service. The level of brutality carefully treads the line between off-puttingly horrifying and spectacularly ludicrous. It truly does an excellent job of selling playing as Jason as a ton of sick fun.

The video begins with the grainy VHS IllFonic and Gun Media logos appearing on the screen like the logos of B-movie production companies straight from the eighties. The song that plays is, appropriately, “Killer” by Crazy Lixx. We see a montage of Camp Crystal Lake, the grave of Jason’s mother Pamela and Jason’s shrine to her. From there, the fan service and blood don’t stop flowing.

Of course, gratuitous violence is necessary in anything with a Friday the 13th label. The deaths include defenestration, impaling on spears, meat cleavers and machetes to the face, and even bare-handed pulling a heart from a living person, to name a few. Many of the murders are references or direct recreations of the killings from the movies. There’s really no shortage of blood and violence, which will certainly earn the game a hard M rating.

Also, the trailer shows off different Jason costumes from various movies. We get to see everything, from the burlap sack to the many iterations of the hockey mask. They even seem to include the silly Purple Jason from the legendarily terrible NES game. The game will also feature a brand-new Jason design by Tom Savini, whose make-up and design credits include two Friday the 13th movies and Day of the Dead. The reliance on fan nostalgia presented here is making me a little anxious, because I’m afraid that they’re trying too hard, instead of letting the actual game do the talking. I hope that isn’t a reflection of their doubts that it can do good on its own, because it certainly looks like it can.

One other problem is that this trailer, like the ones before, doesn’t represent playing as the camp counselors very well. Their job is either to survive long enough, repair a car and escape, call the police and run to safety, or try to kill Jason. With that in mind, and including Jason’s many cool powers, why would anybody want to play as the counselor? Hopefully, if there are any more trailers, we’ll get to see more of the victim’s points of view.

You can check out the full trailer below.

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