Zelda BoTW Ceremonial Trident Location

Ceremonial Trident is a repairable weapon in Zelda Breath of The Wild. It’s a replica of the Light Scale Trident used by the champion Mipha. It’s a great weapon, and once you’ve used it up, a certain blacksmith can repair it for you. It’s in a pretty tricky spot, you it’s super easy to miss. In this guide, we’re going to show you Zelda Breath of The Wild Ceremonial Trident location, how to repair it.

zelda breath of the wild ceremonial trident location
Ceremonial Trident in Zelda Botw

Where to find Ceremonial Trident

The trident can be found in the waters around Zora’s Domain, the icy town in the northern part of the Lanaryu region. When you get to the city, go to the statue of champion Mipha. Climb the western staircase, then follow the westward bridge. When you’re halfway across, jump over the railing and glide to the outer ring of the city. You need to land on the lowest level, by the water.

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If you turn on Magnesis and look into the water outside the wall, you’ll see the trident on the bottom. It’s too far to grab, so you’ll need to build a few pillars using Cryosis first. Once you’re close enough, grab it with your magnet and drag it out to shore.

How to repair Ceremonial Trident

You can only repair it after you’ve dealt with Divine Beast Vah Ruta. Once the trident breaks, go to the northeastern corner of the lower level of Zora’s Domain. This is the blacksmith’s workshop. Talk to Dento, the old artisan. He’ll offer to repair/replace your trident, but you’ll have to get him a Zora’s Spear and five pieces of flint.

He can also fix the Light Scale Trident, but that one requires a diamond as well, beside the flint and spear. It’s really not worth repairing, if you ask us.

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  1. D

    Zoras domain is by no means icy lol tuanks for the help tho 🙂

  2. L

    You can get an Endless supply of Diamonds right within Zora’s domain. There’s a male zora hamming away on an arch near the the entrance to the central statue area. He offers a Side Quest to bring him 10 Luminous Stones. After completing it, he’ll give you two diamonds and lets keep trading him stones, though only giving one diamond per 10 stones. (Money wise, it’s not a fair trade, 10 stones are worth more then a diamond, but luminous stones are way more common so turning them in for an item for a repair is easy)

  3. I

    What if you dropped the trident when you didn’t need it anymore (i.e. after the shrine quest) then talked to the blacksmith zora only to find that that the light scale trident is the only option now? Is it a glitch? How do i fix it? I can’t select the ceremonial trident anymore EVEN though the option was always there

    1. L

      then you would have to go back and find it where you left it

    2. L

      You do not have to go back to where you found it….just go back to Zora’s Domain and talk to the guy that fixes them. I lost the light one a long time ago but just went
      back to him and he asked if I wanted it replaced and I said yes and he replaced it.

  4. L

    I mean to say where you lost it….

  5. G

    Do you have to take down the devine beast first?

      1. L

        You need for the ceremonial Trident to take down the Divine Beast

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