Friday The 13th details leaked !

New details for the Friday The 13th have been leaked online. Here you can check various game details, as well as the gameplay mechanics and how they work. Friday the 13th: The Game is an upcoming survival horror video game developed by Gun Media and IllFonic, and published by Gun Media.

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Friday The 13th details leaked !
  • The main antagonist is called Jason. His job is to hunt down and kill all of the counselors on the map before they are able to survive. They can either survive by staying alive for certain amount of time, repairing and driving the car to the exit, calling the police and running to them and, of course, even killing Jason if they are courageous enough.
  • Jason has four abilities. Morphing around the map, sensing players noise and fear, shifting short distances to get a leg up and rage mode that makes Jason more powerful. At the beginning, Jason will only be able to use the Morph ability and the other abilities will be unlocked over time. Morph is basically a form of a fast travel around the map.
  • The map will display all available electrical boxes and all cars on the map.
  • Using the Sense ability, Jason will be able to detect counselors in cabins. The bigger the fear, the more clearly they will be shown. The sound will be shown as large sound rings.
  • Shift will grant Jason the ability to cover small distances fast and get to the desired location quickly. Activating this ability will make Jason disappear from view.
  • Jason can perform various kill styles and they all can be purchased from the customization menu. There are also various context kills that can be triggered in certain situations.
  • Counselors can hide under beds, closets, tents and more.
  • Counselors can generate fear factor which generates in dangerous situations.
  • To repair a car, you will need gas and a battery


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