Persona 5 Gets Three New Confidant Videos

There are now three new videos to help you get to know the world and characters of Persona 5. The latest series of trailers focuses on confidants, characters from the game’s real world, who act as friends and accomplices. They are Hifumi Togo, a shogi player, Toranosuke Yoshida, a presidential candidate and Sadayo Kawakami, a teacher working at the main character’s school. All three videos are framed as conversations with these people, giving you a glimpse into their personalities and ways they can help you.

Hifumi Togo is a highschool student and an avid shogi player. You can play against her, presumably increasing one of your stats. She gets a worthy opponent to research new moves on, you get a stat bump. Everybody wins.

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Toranosuke Yoshida is a presidential candidate without much going for him. He’s a middle aged man who believes the younger generations will bring nothing but ruin, but he’s also a great orator. He can help you learn how to give speeches, in exchange for doing errands for him.

Sadayo Kawakami is a highschool teacher, and she seems to be our hero’s homeroom teacher as well. After he discovers she works as a maid by night, she agrees to let him skip classes every once in a while, if he keeps her secret in return. This will presumably allow us to spend more time slots on other activities, which might be more beneficial than going to school. Which might not be the message we want to send to kids, so it’s good the game has an M rating.

Persona 5 is going to be released on April 4th, on Playstation 3 and 4.

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